491.99 CAD


  • Smooth Recline: Foonf includes an easy-to-engage, smooth, 3 recline position function, making each ride comfortable and amendable to each vehicle and each child.
  • Adjustable Structural Headrest: Energy-absorbing foam-lined headrest connected to frame using steel rods provides maximum head protection in a side-impact collision, just like the headrest in your vehicle.
  • Designed for Comfort and Convenience: With the Rigid-UAS structural installation method, the seat virtually becomes one with your vehicle. But that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to install: The Rigid-UAS system makes proper forward-facing installation effortless, so you can remove and install the convertible car seat in seconds.
  • Foonf conforms to all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and are certified for use in motor vehicles and aircrafts. Foonf has a 9 year expiration.

Whats In The Box:

  • Foonf convertible child seat with warning labels attached
  • Anti-rebound bar
  • Rear-facing base
  • Owner’s manual


  • Rear Facing:
    • Height: 25–43 in.
    • Weight: 14–40 lb
    • Minimum Age: Able to sit upright alone
    • When using with infant-thingy (sold separately), you can accommodate a child that’s 5 lb and 19 in.
    • Seating Depth: 12.5 in.
    • Seating Height: 21.5–26 in.
    • Fore-Aft Measurement In Rear-Facing: 33 in.
    • Height Measurement In Rear-Facing: 25.5-28.5 in
    • Seat Weight In Rear-Facing 38 lb
  • Forward Facing:
    • Height: 30–49 in.
    • Weight: 22–65 lb
    • Minimum Age 2+ years recommended* (1 year minimum)
    • Base Width: 13 in.
    • Seating Width: 16.9 in.
    • Harness Slot Height: 8–17 in
    • Height Measurement In Forward-Facing: 25.5–28.5 in.
    • Seat Weight In Forward-Facing: 33 lb